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Out of love for the sea, tradition, exquisite taste and the history of Portugal Sete Mares was born.

There are lots of stories behind Sete Mares - on the backdrop of the history of Portuguese country these are the stories of families and the stories of women who prepare perfect fish ready to be placed to our jars and cans. Owing to their skillful hands, the final product is absolutely exceptional. The oldest of them all, called Maria Joaquina, has dabbled in this area for over 47 years! Sete Mares is also our personal story. We are a portuguese-polish couple who share, among other things, love for Portugal. This love is our driving force. Almost 20 years ago we established a company - Flavours of Portugal- which is essentially to promote Portugal as a country in Poland! Portugal inspires us. Therefore, we wish to share this passion, the knowledge of unique places, people and products with others. This passion triggered the creation of Sete Mares. The idea for the brand was born after a few visits to a variety of canneries, which we represent in Poland. In astonishment we observed the precision and enormous engagement it takes to prepare fish.

In May 2014 we joined the female workers at the Conserveira do Sul factory, to get to know first hand, how difficult it is to carry out this job, requiring infinite patience, carefulness and love. By then we had already had in our heads a precisely thought-out plan of how our products should look like. We had a name, a project logo and the first assortment: mackerel fillets in olive oil, tuna fillets in olive oil, skinless and boneless sardines in olive oil.

Sete Mares it’s who we are. Our dreams, passion, emotion, experience and history, which we hope you’ll want to become a part of and build it together with us.